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Here’s the mercury symbol most familiar with astrology. ☿ This link will give you the ascii code for all the astrological symbols.

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Opposite Signs Of The Zodiac

The following is a table of the zodiac signs which are opposite each other. What follows the table is a short but concise example. Opposite Signs Of The Zodiac Below is a table of the 12 signs of the zodiac and their oppositions. Please note these oppositions don’t reflect any negative or positive vibrations despite their oppositions. There are an array of other factors related to a person’s natal chart that must be taken into consideration. That is why knowing the exact time of birth when it comes to casting a natal chart is important. Signs in Opposition Aries Libray Taurus Scorpio Gemini Sagittarius Cancer Capricorn Leo Aquarius Virgo Pisces An Example of opposite signs in your natal chart For instance. If your Sun sign is in Aquarius then your opposite sign will […]

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Astrology – 20 Attributes of a Person with Moon In Aquarius

If you’ve read your natal chart, you may have found that your your Moon is in Aquarius. If so read on and find out a little more about yourself. But remember, there are twelve other “houses” in your natal chart and you should also check those too and find out the relevance of the aspects of certain planets in your chart. So below I’m going to list 20 attributes related to having the moon in Aquarius for a natal chart. When your moon is in Aquarius So below is a list of attributes of a person who was born with the Moon in Aquarius. Feel free to leave your comments and additions to the list in the comments below. needs emotional freedom needs a certain level of constant independence or the feeling thereof is comfortable […]