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[29 Nov 2010 | No Comment | 1,253 views]

While the global economy has caused a lot of travelers to stay closer to home, there are still some great travel deals out there. By making the most of those scarce and hard-won vacation days, there are many ways to stretch that discretionary income. Savvy travelers make use of online coupon codes whenever they can. Coupon codes are available for dollars-off meals at restaurants, discounts on airfare,and hotel stays. Mix and match to get deals that will be the envy of your friends. Right now is a great time to take advantage of good deals with a coupon code. The holidays find travelers roaming across the country to visit relatives or to spend a vacation in a special locale–a trip that you’ll be talking about for years to come. Use online coupon […]

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[30 Apr 2010 | One Comment | 735 views]

When a company goes wrong, employees enjoy all the guarantees and coverage. The intransigent unions support, protective laws, institutions that take care of their wages and unemployment insurance. In the background will always remain a paternalistic government. Spain, the present economic crisis has devastated our national entrepreneurial force. It is not because the businesses were wrong. This is because our punishment system completely closed any possibility of “starting over” every developer failed. This despite the experience is a plus, and self-criticism is the best tool for improvement. The entrepreneur with no financial resources at this point, is beset by debts which are derived individually. Threatened with losing his little personal assets (primarily property that is the family home), and anxious because once stopped the business is unable to meet the basic needs of […]