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[20 Feb 2010 | 2 Comments | 2,420 views]

Machining is a craft where craftsmen use precision power tools and tools for cutting to take a solid block of material and turn it into something with a very precise, repeatable geometry. One common example of machining is turning a chunk of steel into an engine block. Another common example is using a lathe to take a piece of wood and turn it to make an intricately curved table leg. Machining is used on metal, woods, and various types of plastic. The places where this highly skilled craft is done are machine shops. Machines: Machining in the 21st century is computer controlled in large part. This is done for objects that must adhere to extremely rigid geometric specifications (like engine blocks). But traditional machining still takes place. The main processes taking place in […]

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[20 Feb 2010 | 2 Comments | 2,062 views]

The process of applied art, architecture and engineering which give physical shape or solution to meet industry needs. It is a visual shape, configuration, or pattern of manufacturing equipment.Industrial design is an interaction between people and products.Main focus of Industrial Design is • Functionality and Specifications • User Experience • Styling • Quality • Price Ability Industrial Design is creating & designing concepts with specific needs that give process, steps, and appearance of product for the benefit of manufacturing.China Industrial Design has great demand in worldwide market to deliver high quality industrial design elements for products that are used in china manufacturing. Industrial Designer:Industrial Designers play a key role for the manufactured products.Industrial designer is nothing but a concept developer. Good Industrial Design = Good Business Product = Good Output Industrial Designer needs […]

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[20 Feb 2010 | 2 Comments | 2,416 views]

China is the world’s largest market place connecting the huge number of buyers and sellers throughout the globe with its innovative manufacturing system. China is the leading manufacturer of chemical fertilizers, cement, and steel worldwide by following the technology and efficient marketing methods. The China manufacturing sector plays a vital role in increasing the countries GNP by providing the employment in a wide range of fields and expertise. In order to win the current global competition China manufactures products better, cheaper and faster which is the one of the important principals of the China manufacturing system. We are seeing fundamental changes in international business structures and deployment of global capital. The manufacturing sector remains significant in leading economies worldwide, but faces major issues such as cost competitiveness, product innovation and how to compete […]

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[17 Feb 2010 | 2 Comments | 4,701 views]

Considering the history of China, we can find various contributions to the engineering and technological affluence in the country. Many Earlier inventions such as Abcus, Compass, Gunpowder, Printing, Kites, Kongming Lanterns and many more were first invented by the Chinese. Ever since, the formation of People’s Republic of China in the year 1949, there is a huge development in the country’s engineering and technological resources. In China we find many proficient experts in engineering in different range of disciplines. These professionals have enhanced the economies of both domestic and international. Today we can find all the major organizations and their plants in China and the developments in the city of China – Shanghai is not less than the New York City. Engineering services offered by China facilitates various solutions for several production services […]

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[17 Feb 2010 | 2 Comments | 1,240 views]

For many industries relating to the manufacturing and engineering sectors, assessment of quality control has become an essential factor to survive in the current world market. China Quality Control Management is one of the most widely used mechanisms for quality control of various products. Usually, several businesses implement a quality control process to drive their organization to a high standard level of quality. Companies seeking for quality control need to choose a reliable service provider who offers a credible service. Quality control is an essential aspect in the manufacturing process. The process initiates with the inspection of quality control of raw material and ensures whether it meets the requirements of the industry. Subsequently, it recognizes and executes sampling and analytical methodology, thus minimizes faults in the analytical records. Inspection of quality control can […]

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[14 Jan 2010 | No Comment | 4,793 views]

With today’s rising energy costs matters of energy conservation are at the fore front of everyone’s minds. These compounded by the current economic climate and with ever increasing pressure on businesses to continually strive to be as carbon neutral as possible, it is vitally important for businesses to save energy, reduce costs and conform to the latest regulations. These energy savings can be made on many different fronts but one of the main areas where a business can make savings is through conserving the heat they already have. While this is relatively easy to do in closed office environments it can prove a much hard issue to solve in large open areas or thoroughfares especially in warehousing and other manufacturing industries where large openings are required to allow ease of access to load […]

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[16 Dec 2009 | No Comment | 2,756 views]

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