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[5 Nov 2017 | No Comment | 234 views]
Recipe: How To Cook Italian Spaghetti Pasta Sauce Explained By An Italian

Well it’s quite simple to cook Italian style spaghetti sauce and today you’re going to learn how to cook it straight from an Italian. My Italian father gave me this recipe and I hold it near and dear to my heart because it is so delicious. If you want to cook a great spaghetti pasta sauce the way your friend’s Nona does it, continue reading. This sauce can be considered a quick and basic spaghetti sauce but as you start mastering how to make it you can add other ingredients. You can also easily use this sauce for macaroni, Cannelloni, Ravioli, Tortellini, Tagliatelle, and Rigatoni. Let’s start with the ingredients, and then I’ll tell you how to cook it. Ingredients olive oil garlic (3 wedges) onions (3/4 of an onion) 1 can of tomato […]

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[3 Nov 2017 | No Comment | 228 views]
How to Turn Off the Furnace Fan When the Heat is Off

I’ve searched the net far and wide and definitely couldn’t find a solution as to how to turn off the fan on my furnace that runs even when the heat is off. Oh there were tons of websites telling me to turn the thermostat onto “auto” or to simply call in a furnace technician but none of that was good for me. Why? Well for starters, turning the thermostat onto auto did not work at all and hiring a tech was just not in the books especially for something I can guarantee could be done on my own. The problem was, as mentioned, there wasn’t one site on the internet that actually gave me a working solution. So I decided to take matters into my own hand. I gave a call to a […]

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[17 Nov 2016 | One Comment | 1,505 views]
The Top 10 Reasons To Use An RV Trader Before Buying Your First RV

It looks like you’re about to take the plunge and buy your first RV but before you do, read the top 10 reasons to use an RV trader website before making a purchase. There are quite a few beneficial reasons for browsing for an RV online verses going to a dealer first. Read on to find out why. There are definitely more than 10 reasons why using an RV trader site is beneficial before you buy but I’ve listed ten for now to get you started. With that said, let’s get to the list. #1 Much Greater Selection Using an RV trader site to find your first RV is much easier than visiting 10 dealerships in your area or out of town, and it gives you a much greater selection of RVs to choose from. Shopping […]

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[28 Jul 2016 | No Comment | 11,029 views]
Use Your Gillette Razor 60 Times More Than You Usually Do

Honestly, it can be done. And there’s no damn good reason that we shouldn’t be able to use our Gillette razors to shave our faces or body parts, many more times then the length of time the blue or white strip wears out. We’re told by Gillette that in their advertising and have been told for years, that once that blue strips wears out, we need to start using another razor. It’s interesting how a Gillette razor won’t last as long as a toothbrush even though their made of steel. Through some strange reasoning the human mind supposes that when that rubbery gooey strip has run it’s course so have the metal blades. Oh how pompous of you to believe such a tale. Do you really have that much money to burn? You know the […]

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[18 Mar 2016 | 7 Comments | 7,004 views]
Why Light Weight RV Travel Trailers Are Top Sellers

If you’re going to find the right information about something you need to get that information from a reliable source. In this case that source is Brad Campkin from Campkin’s RV, one of Ontario’s premier RV dealers who professes that the top selling RV for almost a decade straight has been the lightweight travel trailer. Why is that? As you can tell from this list of pictures of lightweight travel trailers the main feature is the towing ability. From the extraordinary Surveyor travel trailer to the economical r pod Expandable travel trailer you have a group of lightweight RVs that the majority of us can afford because they can be towed on most mid-sized vehicles. The lightweight travel trailer ranges from 16 to 30 feet long and is compatible with most of today’s SUVs and […]

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[16 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 1,753 views]
The Key Elements Of A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan

Chapter 13 is a plan for debtors who wish to keep some of their secured property such as a home or a car. A security interest is created most often when a consumer buys a new product such as a home, auto, or tools for doing work. Because the consumer items are expensive, the debtor needs to take out a loan. The creditor wants to have some assurance, other than the credit-worthiness of the consumer, to insure it will get paid. To protect their loan, the creditor then requires that the consumer agree that if they don’t pay the loan, the creditor can repossess the item that was purchased. Debtors can also agree that creditors have a security interest (a right to repossess collateral on default) even after they’ve purchased the item. Many […]

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[9 Jun 2015 | No Comment | 6,911 views]
What is Debt Consolidation And How Does It Work?

Debt consolidation refers to combining the many debts of a consumer into one obligation. A debt consolidation is a way of combining some or all of these debts into one payment. Essentially, the debtor agrees to take out a new loan. The loan allows the debtor to pay off the many claims in return for paying one larger claim. Most consumers have multiple debt obligations simultaneously. Paying just one debt is simpler. Consolidating the debts may have financial advantages too. Consumers who own a home or a car will pay a monthly principal payment plus interest (a loan payment) for the obligations. Home and car debts are often given because the debtor agreed to return the home or car if the loan is not paid. A debt that uses collateral (a home or […]

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[21 May 2015 | No Comment | 2,276 views]
What Conduct does the Automatic Stay Stop and What Conduct it Doesn’t Stop

The filing of bankruptcy petition (chapter 7 or Chapter 13) automatically stops a lot of activity by creditors. Any creditor who doesn’t stop the activity may be subject to sanctions by the bankruptcy court. There are exceptions as noted below. If an exception doesn’t apply, then the creditor must formally ask the bankruptcy court for relief/permission to continue their conduct. The main things that debtors should know is that once they file a bankruptcy, in most cases, they will be able to breathe, have time to plan their financial future and STOP the harassing phone calls and collection agencies. Collection agencies can no longer directly contact the debtor by calling them at work or at home. Creditors must stop all court case actions. All attempts to repossess your home or your vehicle must […]

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[20 May 2015 | No Comment | 2,006 views]
The Top 10 Incidentals To Be Ready For When Purchasing A Home

When buying a home it’s always important to ensure everything is in order, and this especially comes true when dealing with the incidentals of buying a new home. On my website where we provide listings for homes for sale in the Brantford area, we get inquires on a regular basis asking us not only whether they can look at various homes for sale, but they also inquire as to what other incidentals, or, hidden costs they should save up for as well. It’s not as simple as saving up the money or obtaining a loan from the bank because during the whole process, unforeseen things will come up that will require you to dip into your saving or pocket book. It’s just the nature of the game and with that said, I’m going to list off […]

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[26 Apr 2015 | No Comment | 1,907 views]
The First 5 Most Important Tips To Consider When Purchasing Your First Home

So you’re thinking of buying a house but before you do, you need to know a bit more pieces of important information besides finding the right real estate agent. Find a good real estate agent is one step to the game and can generally be an easy process especially if you rely on the word of friends and family but when the decision is made, the following 5 important tips should also be at the forefront of your buying process. Of course you have to go through the process of finding a decent realtor, getting pre-approved and the whole financial shebang, but this article tries to dig into the deeper matters for you – matters that if overlooked could become giant pitfalls – pitfalls that could have definitely been avoided. If you take and […]

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[10 Apr 2015 | No Comment | 1,418 views]
Must Read 7 Best Tips To Prepare Your Child For A Visit To The Dentist

Dentists are feared all over the world, by children and adults alike. Most people dread that visit to the dentist, and will only do so when it is absolutely necessary (after that agonizing toothache, or when a tooth falls out or gets broken during sports). Dental phobia is definitely a concern shared by millions of people, and some people will never undergo dental treatment unless they are first sedated. Therefore, if you have been dreading your child’s first visit to the dentist, you are in good company. It is also safe to assume that your child is not looking forward to that visit either, unless they are completely unaware of what goes on in a dentist’s office. Either way, there are certain things that you can do to make that first (or second, […]

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[12 Aug 2014 | 2 Comments | 13,350 views]
The Top 10 Signs You Need Animal Control Or Wildlife Removal

There’s no shortage of reasons why animal control is needed and there’s enough evidence pointing to why wildlife removal is important to your safety. But how do you know if you have wild animals like squirrels, mice and raccoons living in your attic? How do you discover if you have a bat colony to contend with or a family of birds that need to be removed from your air vents? These are the most common questions home owners like you have, and we’re going to answer your questions below. Remember, if you do discover that you are harbouring wild animals, the objective is to control the situation professionally and to have the animals removed safely, and as soon as possible. We don’t want any accidents happening and we want everyone involved to be safe. […]

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[31 Mar 2014 | No Comment | 5,979 views]
What Is The Best Vacuum For Allergy Sufferers?

Whether your allergy1 symptoms stem from seasonal irritants like pollen, or from environmental issues like dander or dust, it is important to have the right tools at home in order to ease your symptoms. Tackling this kind of problem means having important things like a good vacuum cleaner, as well as a way to remove dust and build-up from hard to reach places like corners, crevices, and behind furniture or appliances. Determine What Features Are Necessary The first step in choosing the best household cleaning tool for reducing allergy symptoms is to evaluate what your needs are. This will make it easier to narrow the choices down to just a few models. Some will find that features such as a reusable or easy to change filter are important while others may prefer compact […]

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[30 Mar 2014 | No Comment | 2,208 views]
Should I Get A Big Screen TV Or Projector

If you have been deciding between purchasing a big screen TV or a projector, but can’t decide which is better for your home and lifestyle, read on. There are many good points that are associated with both of them, but some options fit better with specific homes, viewing styles, and intent, more than others. Quite recently, I wrote about the ideal ways of setting up your projector for the next big sporting event, but I felt it was also necessary to give you some information as to which medium you should choose for such events. You can read that article here (source). Now that you’re ready, follow along while we compare the benefits and the problems that each offer you and hopefully this article can help you narrow down your options. Size Considerations The […]

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[27 Feb 2014 | No Comment | 1,641 views]
Integrating Into The World Of The Amish

The Amish wouldn’t be the Amish without their religion. Their lifestyle and indeed their communities are all religious-centric without exception, and because of this anyone looking to date within the Amish community needs to fully understand their own perspective on religion before getting into the dating scene. About 90% of all Amish people choose to be baptized at the end of their adolescence, or Rumspringa, so by the time they’ve matured, the overwhelming majority will have made a lifelong commitment to their faith. Converting is a huge taboo within the Amish communities. If you run into someone who has not yet been baptized by the Amish church, then religion will be a subject that you two can discuss between yourselves, but if you meet someone who has been fully baptized within the religion […]

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[17 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 1,001 views]
Give Me The Top Ten Best Things About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a powerful tool for restructuring personal finances, discharging oppressive debt, and granting the “poor but unfortunate debtor” a fresh start. While there are several different methods for filing bankruptcy found in the various chapters of the Bankruptcy Code, the most popular is a liquidation bankruptcy found in Chapter 7. If you need a refresher on Chapter 7 or just some common knowledge, simply follow the following link for the basics: It’s Time to Start Fresh A Chapter 7 is an “erase-your-debts-and-start-fresh” bankruptcy. In a Chapter 7, non-exempt property is taken and sold to pay creditors. Any debt that is not paid is discharged, as long as it has not been excluded by law or by the bankruptcy court, such as a child support debt. There are many benefits to Chapter 7, so […]

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[8 Dec 2013 | No Comment | 1,168 views]
Dionne Warwick’s Latest Attempts to Discharge Over $10 Million in Taxes

Have you heard the news? In September, the bankrupt soul singer Dionne Warwick filed a lawsuit against the United States and State of California to discharge federal and state taxes dating back to 1991. Warwick had previously been granted a Chapter 7 discharge by a New Jersey bankruptcy court in July, and now seeks a determination by the bankruptcy court that her tax debt was included in that discharge. The Internal Revenue Service filed a claim in Warwick’s bankruptcy totaling almost $7 million and the State of California filed claims at over $3 million. Warwick’s attorneys assert that all of her federal and state tax debts were included in the July discharge order. They stated that all of the taxes claimed owed by the IRS and State of California were assessed more than […]

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[19 Jun 2013 | No Comment | 3,017 views]
Do You Hear Scratching In Your Walls? You May Need Mice Control

I can’t tell you how often people think that the little noises in their walls are insects when in fact it’s a huge sign they need specialized mice control. So earlier this week I was in Ancaster at a client’s house where she clearly needed mice control or the walls in her home were going to eventually be completely ruined. She was hearing frequent little scratching in her walls in various parts of her home and she decided to give us a call. After I arrived and the home owner explained her problem to me I decided to take a little visit to the attic to see what I could find, if anything. Well I wasn’t surprised. What I found is what we in the animal control industry like to call a mouse […]

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[3 Apr 2013 | One Comment | 4,042 views]
The Dangers Of Harbouring Wildlife In Your Home

So I’m not talking about keeping a snake you’ve found, I’m talking about the health risks of stray wildlife like raccoons and squirrels that have made a nest in your home. And it is dangerous. Let me put together a scenario for you to imagine that might put harbouring wildlife in your home into a new perspective. Imagine you’ve seen a few baby raccoons walking around your roof. You think to yourself “hey, it’s not too bad, maybe I’ll just let them stay in my attic for the winter. They’ll probably leave after the winter and there’s nothing wrong with giving them a little heat during the cold days”. Well, generally speaking, the animals themselves will probably do humans no harm and if they reside in your attic, that’s probably where they’ll stay […]

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[10 Mar 2013 | No Comment | 6,158 views]
Tim Horton’s Roll Up The Rim Spreads Influenza And Other Problems With The Promotion

Stop and think for a moment about whether you’re spreading the flu virus to other people after winning Tim Horton’s Roll Up The Rim contest. I mean really think about it. Is it possible that you’re getting other people sick? The answer is yes. Why can’t Tim Horton’s Relieve Itself From All Sanitary Issues? I’m going to get to the point in a moment, but before I do, feel free to read one of my previous articles addressing how your Tim Hortons’ coffee cup lid has the potential of being highly unsanitized. There were quite a large number of responses to the article but in the end nothing has changed. Maybe this article will help promote some necessary changes – and hopefully soon. The Point Of This Article The point of this article […]

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[5 Jan 2013 | No Comment | 2,146 views]
Ways To Avoid The Flu Every Year

I’m going to say it like it is. If you want to avoid the flu this year (2013) and every year thereafter, you need to go commando. You need to stop mucking around and get to the point – with yourself and others. Apparently this flu season will break previous records. The Toronto Star has already posted how the flu has hit Toronto GTA hard and New York City is reporting high levels of influenza-like-illnesses; and in LA they’re saying the Flu season hit U.S. early and hard. So is this year’s flu virus going to turn into a pandemic? I’m not one to say, but before it gets its way with you, read the following: Wash your hands after you’ve visited the store or supermarket You should wash your hands especially after visiting the […]

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[4 Jan 2013 | No Comment | 2,996 views]
Astrology – 20 Attributes of a Person with Moon In Aquarius

If you’ve read your natal chart, you may have found that your your Moon is in Aquarius. If so read on and find out a little more about yourself. But remember, there are twelve other “houses” in your natal chart and you should also check those too and find out the relevance of the aspects of certain planets in your chart. So below I’m going to list 20 attributes related to having the moon in Aquarius for a natal chart. When your moon is in Aquarius So below is a list of attributes of a person who was born with the Moon in Aquarius. Feel free to leave your comments and additions to the list in the comments below. needs emotional freedom needs a certain level of constant independence or the feeling thereof is comfortable […]

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[20 Nov 2012 | No Comment | 4,260 views]
How Do You Turn Off The Beeps When I Start My Corolla?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see a reason for a Toyota Corolla or any vehicle for that matter to beep once or several times when we start our cars. Why? Is there a reason for this beeping that I don’t know of? Does this beeping signify something? If there is no beep when I start my car, will I lose out on some important vehicular information? These are the questions I need answered and if the answer to all the questions above is a simple no, then can someone please post some information as to how to stop the beeping when my Corolla starts? I’m not talking about a way to turn off the beeping through cutting wires or the like. I’m looking for a fix that can be done […]

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[19 May 2012 | No Comment | 1,658 views]
Top 14 Online Blogging Communities

There are numerous online blogging communities for everything that you are interested in. From weight watchers to social and personal sites, you can find them all online. It can be difficult sorting through them all and finding the one that works for your specific interests and tastes. Blogging can be fun and generates a wealth of knowledge. The 14 Best Online Blogging Community List: • Soulcast is a blog where you can write about anything from your relationship to sex. They are private and are only available to those you want to read your blog. You can talk about anything and get it all off your chest. • is a blog for Christians who have a common interest and want to blog and receive comments from other Christians. It is a way […]

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[9 May 2012 | One Comment | 4,121 views]
After The Panda-monium Came the Penguin – Google Updates

Sometimes life sucks, huh? Just when you thought you had refined your SEO skills down to an art Google pulled a fast one on you. The Panda update was bad enough and now you have to contend with the “minor” update called Penguin. This update has caused its fair share of controversy with many webmasters claiming that they were wrongly penalized. Google on the other hand insists that Penguin is only meant to penalize poor quality sites. While this may be true, the verdict is still out there as numerous good quality sites have sank into oblivion while some obviously “spammy” sites are yet to be affected. So What Exactly Is The Google Penguin Update? This is the latest Google update intended to prevent black hat SEO and spammy sites from worming their […]

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[10 Mar 2011 | No Comment | 4,845 views]
Learning To Play Polo

There are many different sports and horse games that are enjoyed by hunters, riders and jockeys all over the world. Some of these horse riding games are played on a professional and competitive level, and others are played merely for fun and sport. These sports originated in various places around the world, and of course includes games that are traditionally English or Western in origin. These include fun horse games and sports such as barrel racing, trail classing, and pleasure riding. Some very traditional British games are hunting, show jumping, dressage, cross country jumping, fox hunting, steeple chasing, racking, polo and more. Of this list polo is one of the most popular and is played in the most amount of countries worldwide. Polo can be a very fun horse game to play and […]

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[7 Mar 2011 | No Comment | 4,223 views]
Finding The Best Power Drill Online

There are many different power drills available which would make it difficult for consumers to find the best one to help in whatever home project they are going to do. The power drill is a very good power tool to have at home to help in the different home improvement projects. This can make the tasks simpler and easier with the many features offered by different power drills. With a power drill one can bore holes, attach and remove screws with ease. This is one power tool that should be present in whatever project you have at home. With the many online whops that offer power drills it makes it easier to search than having to go through different hardware stores trying to find the right one to buy. The different online stores […]

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[2 Mar 2011 | No Comment | 5,532 views]
A Better Alternative: Bathroom In The Basement

There are many homes that would require a new bathroom to serve a growing family. This adds more convenience to a home with more members of the family needing to use the toilet. When planning to install a new bathroom most people would be thinking of having it on the other floors of the house. This can be a good choice if you don’t have a basement but most homes today would have a basement. Having a bathroom installed in the basement is a better option. This can save you on expenses that are needed to have a new bathroom in other locations of the house. A new bathroom would require you to construct new walls and piping system. This is very costly and when you plan to have it on the second […]

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[15 Jun 2010 | 38 Comments | 10,658 views]
Beware Of Craigslist And Identity Theft Risks

I’m sorry to say but I do have to say it: Craigslist is dangerous especially when it comes to identity theft. One of the main usages of Craigslist is job hunting. Millions of people visit Craigslist a month all seeking employment. At least hundreds and if not then thousands of people submit their resumes to anonymous email addresses displayed in job postings and at times receive no responses. Have you ever wondered why? Craigslist And Identity Theft The scenario is simple. A person who is seeking to harvest personal information on a large number of people for whatever reasons visits Craigslist and posts a mock-job-posting. He makes sure to create the mock-job-posting in the most legitimate and professional way possible. His goal is to convince you that the job offering is real and that you should use the anonymous […]