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[28 Jul 2016 | No Comment | 11,029 views]
Use Your Gillette Razor 60 Times More Than You Usually Do

Honestly, it can be done. And there’s no damn good reason that we shouldn’t be able to use our Gillette razors to shave our faces or body parts, many more times then the length of time the blue or white strip wears out. We’re told by Gillette that in their advertising and have been told for years, that once that blue strips wears out, we need to start using another razor. It’s interesting how a Gillette razor won’t last as long as a toothbrush even though their made of steel. Through some strange reasoning the human mind supposes that when that rubbery gooey strip has run it’s course so have the metal blades. Oh how pompous of you to believe such a tale. Do you really have that much money to burn? You know the […]