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[9 May 2012 | One Comment | 4,121 views]
After The Panda-monium Came the Penguin – Google Updates

Sometimes life sucks, huh? Just when you thought you had refined your SEO skills down to an art Google pulled a fast one on you. The Panda update was bad enough and now you have to contend with the “minor” update called Penguin. This update has caused its fair share of controversy with many webmasters claiming that they were wrongly penalized. Google on the other hand insists that Penguin is only meant to penalize poor quality sites. While this may be true, the verdict is still out there as numerous good quality sites have sank into oblivion while some obviously “spammy” sites are yet to be affected. So What Exactly Is The Google Penguin Update? This is the latest Google update intended to prevent black hat SEO and spammy sites from worming their […]

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[17 Apr 2012 | One Comment | 10,356 views]

These days many real estate purchases begin with a search on the Internet. Indeed, according to NAR, 88% of buyers will use the Internet in their search process, and for more than 1/3 of buyers their search starts online.  An NAR survey also revealed that 40% of buyers found the house they bought online. (Source NAR/ For Realtors that means a website is more important than ever – and not just any web site, but one that is optimized to be  easily found in the search engines. The principles of “search engine optimization” (SEO)  for a real estate website is largely the same as for any business, but some of the important ways you can optimize content and build links are particular to real estate. On Page and Off Page SEO For Real […]

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[7 Oct 2011 | No Comment | 26,692 views]
Why The Article Directory Is A Great Advertising Tool

The article directory is a smart marketing tool that can help to grow your business. Articles that relate to what you sell can be published in an online article directory where they become available to search engines and anyone with an interest in the topic. Embedded links in the text give readers access to your website, where they can learn more about your services. How Does An Online Directory Of Articles Work? Let’s say you are a personal injury lawyer just starting to build a clientele. How do you attract potential clients to your website? You can submit content to articles directories that answers questions people might have about personal injury claims. Most people will want to know whether they have grounds to file a claim before going directly to an attorney. Content […]

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[23 Sep 2010 | No Comment | 2,291 views]

Businesses often collaborate when their interests align. While the largest corporations may be wealthy enough to hire entire departments to deal with every imaginable concern, some companies keep costs low by contracting with supportive businesses for mission-critical services. Since search engines are growing in popularity for their ability to present credible information about products and services, your company may benefit from a partnership with a search engine ranking company. The Rise of the Search Engine The internet has revolutionized consumer culture. Computer users discuss their favorite brands in status updates on social networking websites. Smart phones can now connect with satellites to provide directions to local restaurants and stores. Search engines have become a critical source of information for the average person. While these trends are great for consumers, they also help businesses […]


[15 Sep 2010 | No Comment | 5,964 views]

Building a web site may be the easy part of starting an online business or taking a current, off-line business to the online world. However, marketing your website using such strategies as organic search engine optimization, off-site link building, as well as forum and blog advertising is a little more difficult. However, once started correctly and efficiently by an experienced SEO marketer, there are multiple benefits that organic SEO can provide for your website and business as a whole. Increased Site Traffic First, an organic search engine optimization plan increases website traffic and the number of visitors you receive. Many people, especially those inexperienced with internet marketing, mistakenly think that building a website is enough to get visitors. However, this is never the case. On the contrary, the entire purpose of search engine […]

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[3 Aug 2010 | No Comment | 1,806 views]

If you were in internet marketing line, you would most probably know how important SEO Tools are for generating traffic. For those who are in the dark about SEO, it is shot for Search Engine Optimization. As the name implies, SEO is vital to generate traffic for your blog or website. In SEO, keywords, title of the blog or website, meta tags and others play a role for search engine traffic. So, if you have a blog or website and want some analysis or work on improving it, use an SEO Tool. SEO Analysis Tools SEO Analysis Tools gives you lots of information like general status, meta tag list, keywords found in anchor tags and alt attributes for images. Under the category of general status for your site, this tool informs you if […]

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[4 Jun 2010 | 19 Comments | 5,833 views]

Implementing internet marketing strategies for your website is vital to having a successful online business no matter where you are located in the world. The internet marketing industry knows virtually hardly any bounds as there is practically no strategy that you can’t put to use whether you’re involved with a golf-ball-selling business or a virtual clothing store. Each of these businesses is marketing something different, but will use nearly the same internet marketing strategies to accomplish the goal of increasing sales and revenues. The overarching goal of your internet marketing strategies is to increase your website’s exposure throughout the World Wide Web. The more people that are exposed to your business or website, the more chances you have to convert those visitors into paying customers. Each of the internet marketing strategies that marketers […]


[29 Apr 2010 | 16 Comments | 11,187 views]

If you are starting an online business you are going to need search engines to like your website. If you cannot get visitors from search engines you are letting go around 90% of all internet users. That is why search engine optimization services are so valuable. A consultant that can offer a quality search engine optimization service is certainly worth his weight in gold. This article will look into the key elements of  SEO services so you can spot a professional SEO consultant when you see one. You never know you might want to do your own SEO work and save some cash. However if you are serious about your online business you are probably best leaving the details to a professional. Also, be advised that SEO work can also be boring and […]

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[13 Apr 2010 | 4 Comments | 1,922 views]

When you go to think about web site marketing, you want to make sure you get all the facts so you are knowledgeable about what you are doing. Sometimes there are classes on this aspect, but you are also able to learn at your own pace from the internet as well. This means by going over the internet, and searching for the right web site marketing tools and information you will be able to start web site marketing in no time. Of course, if you do not want to do learn how to do this on your own, not only can you hire someone to do the work for you, but there are companies that are dedicated to help you get the marketing that you need for your website. This can enable you […]

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[13 Apr 2010 | 2 Comments | 3,052 views]

Search Engine Marketing is an important part of any online business. Without traffic from search engines you are not likely to have the traffic you want or need for your business. Finding the search engine marketing consulting team that will take your business to the next level is vital. Search engine marketing consultants can help your business in variety of ways. They will provide you with valuable advice on how to create high quality content that search engines and viewers enjoy. They will explain to you the importance of creating back links to your site to increase your page rank and subsequently improve your search engine list position. They will also help you with the more challenging internet marketing technology that sets apart the amateurs from the profession internet marketers. However, it helps […]


[16 Dec 2009 | No Comment | 953 views]

Today, a great number of people are involved in the process making money through the source of internet. Myriad of tricks have been discovered to earn good moolah from the online businesses and in fact, one such incredible technique comes from the source of free content website, which is backed by affiliate marketing concept. As for instance, if your website is only offering information about a particular subject and is not involved in selling any service or product then you may try selling advertising. This is quite a favorite business to many web masters, who through their intelligent affiliate marketing tactics, easily generate money by free content on any topic and sell space on your site. However, as success never comes easy, this advertising concept too has its own pitfalls and benefits. First, […]


[16 Dec 2009 | No Comment | 2,280 views]

Every website is created with the motive of offering relevant and accurate information about a subject to its visitors but how would one gauge the number of visitors’ actually reading the content provided on the site. In order to know the popularity of a site and its usefulness to its visitors, it is pertinent to have statistical information about the most visited pages, most captivating content section, and return visits. A website owner can bring quite fruitful amendments into his/her website only if he tracks the number of his visitors and their behavior. The most practical way of analyzing and measuring a site’s visitors’ behavior comes from Web analytics. It brings up the proper measurement of the best converting pages, the percentage of visitors, unique visitors, return visits, exit pages, goals, entry pages, […]