How to Store Foam Mattresses of Any Size or Style

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Tips on how to store foam mattresses toppers can extend the bedding life. These tips can help to keep the mattress clean and looking new longer. The tips should be used any time that a mattress needs to be stored.

The first tip is to clean the bedding thoroughly before storage. Any surface stains should be cleaned using spot treatment products. Stuck on stains may require soaking or time to lift from surfaces.

After the surface has been cleaned, many prefer to vacuum the bedding. This is done using a hand held vacuum or an attachment cleaning brush. This will remove any dust or other debris that may be in the mattress.

Once cleaning has been completed, the bedding can then be stored. A box or bag is often the most popular choice for storage containers. These will prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt during storage.

Understanding How To Store Foam Mattresses Toppers

Foam toppers are often placed on top of the bedding for more comfort. Memory foam mattress pad toppers are easy to add and can be quickly removed at any time. Once removed, they should be stored carefully to prevent damage.

Toppers are often removed during warm months to reduce heat at night. This is often the case with heavily quilted or thicker top padding. If the original packaging was kept, it may be possible to reuse it.

The memory pad topper padding should be thoroughly cleaned then placed in a bag. If the original package is not available, storage bags can be bought. These bags will keep items clean and secure during long term storage.

The bag may then be placed in an attic or basement when not in use. Bags should be placed on rafters in attics or shelves in basements. Heavy items should never be stored on top or below the padding bags.

How To Store Foam Latex Mattresses When Not In Use

Understanding how to store foam latex mattresses can make them last longer. Like toppers, latex core bedding can be store in basements or attics. Instructions for storing are similar, as bedding should be cleaned.

With a large size of mattress, it is often best to store on its side. If there is room, however, it is best to store them on a flat surface. This can prevent uneven wear or memory imprinting upon the material.

If flat storing is possible, ensure there are no objects in the way. An uneven surface can create bumps or lumps on memory core beds. During long term storing, this can form permanent grooves in beds.

Knowing How To Store Foam Mattresses Toppers Extends Use

A common problem that is experienced with storing is memory prints. Memory prints occur when an object has been placed under or over beds. If left there long enough, the prints may not bounce back to normal.

For very long term storing, the beds should be aired out occasionally. This will keep them from smelling stale when they are used again. Air freshening products may be added if desired to reduce stale odors.

For those who use floor storage, there is a risk of water damage. Checking often for signs of water or other damage can preserve beds. Knowing how to store foam mattresses can keep memory foam mattresses new for longer.

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