The Top 6 Emerging Alternative Therapies You Need To Know About

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It’s nearing the end of 2014, and it’s safe to say that conventional medicine has come a long way in understanding and using alternative therapies when it comes to healing and general health issues.

Where modern science displayed leaps and bounds in the material realm, spiritualist and mystics were gaining strides in understanding the effect the universe has on the personal aura and how intrinsically everything is connected.

Now, modern scientists, medicine practitioners and spiritual/mystic practitioners are in unison as to their belief and/or understanding of what lies beyond and how we can start seeing the unseen.

So without further ado, let’s get to the top 6 most popular emerging alternative therapies and how these therapies can bring balance back into your life.

#1 Acupuncture

The art of acupuncture and it’s association with healing has been practices throughout the world for thousands of years. The reason acupuncture is considered an emerging alternative therapy is because now, coupled with science, it has been proved to produce the results it’s claimed to for so long. Although to this day many doctors will still claim that acupuncture works because of the placebo effect, the simple retort is “if a false pill works, why doesn’t the real one?”

Acupuncture has healed millions suffering from everything to arthritis and back problems to helping alleviate pain in cancer patients and treating depression. Here’s a thorough list of the ailments acupuncture has been known to cure.

#2 Reiki Healing

As negative stress continues to impose it’s effects on people, science is continually coming closer to proving alternative therapies like Reiki can play an important role in the healing process. Simply put, Reiki practitioners (also known as Reiki Masters) work with the sustaining “life force energy” of the human body by laying hands in various positions on the patient and using their inherent wisdom (the Rei in Reiki) to positively effect the human energy field.

Reiki’s popularities has grown tirelessly over the past generation so much so that other therapies like traditional message therapy can be enhanced by the practitioners ability to channel positive life-force energy into the patient with outstanding results!

#3 Astro-Logical Healing Techniques

This is an area of healing that’s about to lift-off. It won’t be for another 20 years or so but in and around that time, the understanding of how the planets play an integral part of our lives, and how we are directly affected by and affect them, the science of healing behind planets and their vibrations will become especially known. Magazines will boast the benefits of casting a natal chart for their children and analyzing them for various aspects that will point to a child’s health from cradle to the grave.

One very enlightened and famous writer and astrologer Max Heindel even published a book and several pamphlets on astrological healing and diagnosis which is on the verge of becoming a best seller.

#4 Emotional Freedom Techniques (Trauma-Addiction Recovery)

EFT is an area of alternative therapy that involves several techniques that help victims of trauma of addiction to recover from their ailments with astonishing success. The science behind EFT therapies are still undecided as to their effectiveness but patients of world wide masters like Karl Dawson, David Rourke, and Dr. Carol Look have nothing but praises for the therapy.

It’s no wonder it’s gaining so much ground in the field of alternative therapy.

Here is a great example of the basics of EFT techniques laid out in slide form which will help you understand one aspect of the therapy.

#5 Native American Healing Therapies

Native American and Aboriginal healing therapies are gaining massive strides, mostly in the Native communities themselves but each year you can find sciences making some sort of recognition of their healing benefits.

Native American healing therapies are generally encompassed by an understanding the the healing process will only be truly effective if the person is healed vs attempting to heal the disease. This idea is not new and is akin to the advice by Hippocrates to “let food be thy medicine”.

Aboriginal healing practices are gaining such strides that even the American Cancer Society has a webpage specifically dedicated to addressing and delving deep into the veracity of many of Native American healing techniques, and explains the spiritual, ritual and herbal methods described for healing.

#6 Affirmative Prayer (Intention)

Affirmative prayer has been long believed to be a solution to sickness and a means of healing. Although there’s been a long held believe by many esoteric societies that prayer is directly connected to Will, this information isn’t yet mainstream but is slowing make it’s way there. If you ask anyone who used affirmative prayer successfully you will find that behind their skills is an underlying science.

It’s well known in the science world that like particles can communicate and affect one another at unlimited distances, and the human being (being the “macro particle”) can do the same for other human beings.

Want proof? If you search the web, you can find many documents tackling the subject of prayer and quantum physics, you only have to do your research!

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