Ways To Avoid The Flu Every Year

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I’m going to say it like it is. If you want to avoid the flu this year (2013) and every year thereafter, you need to go commando. You need to stop mucking around and get to the point – with yourself and others. Avoid the flu virus 2013Apparently this flu season will break previous records. The Toronto Star has already posted how the flu has hit Toronto GTA hard and New York City is reporting high levels of influenza-like-illnesses; and in LA they’re saying the Flu season hit U.S. early and hard. So is this year’s flu virus going to turn into a pandemic? I’m not one to say, but before it gets its way with you, read the following:

Wash your hands after you’ve visited the store or supermarket

You should wash your hands especially after visiting the supermarket. So much product is handled in a supermarket, you never know what you could be picking up. No one knows who’s hands are touching what and what hands are clean or not. Don’t take the chance.

Stay home as much as possible

If you work from home, you’re lucky. You have a lower chance of catching the flu. You just need to be aware. If your retired and don’t need to go out much, then don’t. Make sure when you’re out you’re constantly aware of other people who may have colds or are coughing and pay attention to the things you touch, wash your hands when you get home and stay there as much as possible. Do this until the flu settles down.

Be careful of what you eat and who is preparing your food

If the person touching your good is sick and isn’t too hygienic, face it, you’ll probably catch the flu. Tis isn’t the season to be jolly. It’s actually the season to be aware that you have to take your life into your own hands and ensure you don’t catch the flu. Don’t let people touch your food, don’t eat food too close to other people (remember if they don’t look sick, they still can be). If someone sneezes or coughs near your food – throw it out – don’t take a chance, you’ll regret it.

A cat that looks sick with the fluDon’t go kissing up other people’s pet

Pets get sick too. They not only get sick but they carry germs and viruses in their fur. Discovery posted the top 10 animals that carry the flu – dogs and cats were both in the list. If a pet owner sneezes all over his/her animals, the pet can get sick or pass something onto you. Keep your kids away from other people’s pets because animals and pets can transmit infections to humans, especially children.

Clean your phone frequently

Your mobile/cell phone is a sneaky little unit that pics up and transfers germs quicker and more stealthier than probably anything we touch aside from the keyboard. If you touch this or that and then touch your phone, your phone is ready to pass any viruses to your mouth or ears and kaboom, you’ve got the virus. Clean your phone and wash your hands and be aware.

Be aware of the flu’s power

If you’re going to fight the flu, you need to constantly be aware. if it takes you actually thinking about germs every time you touch something or talk to someone, then so be it – especially in times like these when the flu virus is acting pandemic. I’ll ask you one question: do you want to catch the flu? I thought not which leads me to my last point.

If you have a cold, sneeze into your shirt

A few years ago people were saying we shouldn’t sneeze into our hands. That makes sense. We should try a bit harder and sneeze into our shirts or tops. If we’re out in public and we have a cold, we shouldn’t be leaving other people susceptible to your sickness. But if you insist, do you mind sneezing into your top? That way your germs stay with you and aren’t spread from your hands or clothing. Thank you.

Tell people the truth about spreading the flu

Please, don’t be afraid to tell your neighbour to stop sneezing into their hand. Let them know. They may look at you strange but at most they’re probably embarrassed. If you’re dealing with a sick colleague, let them know they should be home. If they don’t possess the common sense or presence of mind to figure out that they’re putting other people’s health at risk, there’s nothing wrong with letting them know.

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