What is a Turbine Pump?

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When most people think of turbines, they think of either a wind turbine or a water turbine. Have you have seen a wind turbine recently? They have become very popular with today’s green energy movement. Water turbines have been producing electricity in dams for generations. Wind turbines and water turbines convert the kinetic energy of a moving fluid, either wind or water, into mechanical energy via a magnetic generator. So what and where is a turbine pump?

A turbine pump uses very similar technology to the moving blades of wind and dam turbines. A turbine pump however converts energy in the opposite way. Vertical turbine pumps and submersible turbine pumps use electric motors to consume energy and move a fluid.

Vertical turbine pumps hang vertically from the motor, in comparison to horizontal centrifugal pumps. The motors are also called Vertical Motors and come in two configurations, either vertical hollow shaft (VHS) or vertical solid shaft (VSS). Submersible turbine pumps operate on the same turbine principals, only the motors of these pumps are submerged in fluid vertically below the pump. Another major difference between the two turbine pumps is that submersibles double the speed of vertical turbine pumps from 1800 RPM’s to 3600 RPM’s. Turbine pumps offer many benefits over other types of pumps, and are designed for a wide range of flow capacities and liquid types. Vertical turbine pumps are one of the most efficient pumps available. They also are capable of producing some of the widest pressure ranges of all pumps.

The turbine pump blades, called impellers, are commonly used in multiples within the same pump. These multi stage pumps are each especially designed to produce the desired gallons per minute and pressure required. Vertical turbine pumps by all standards are very durable; arguably outlasting all other product types, and also easily repairable.

Because of their increased speed submersible turbine pumps also offer their own unique performance advantages, such as smaller sizes and high pressures. Standard constructions are readily available and with additional lead times a wide variety of materials and special coatings are also an option.
While turbine pumps are not often seen throughout our landscape like large wind turbines and dams, they are still a very important piece of modern infrastructure. Turbine pumps are often used in agriculture to provide water to thirsty crops.

They are used throughout industry to facilitate manufacturing processes. Large building use turbines dependably to make sure boiler systems keep us comfortable. If you are still not sure what a turbine pump does, well…chances are that the last refreshing glass of water you drank was brought to you by a water well turbine pump.

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