Content Publishing Guidelines

The guidelines for publishing your content on Morestar are very simple – strict but simple. Please note that as article and publishing content best practices change from time to time, so will these guidelines change to reflect them. These are the publishing guidelines below.

  1. Do not link out to your own web property more than once per article. You can link out to as many resources as possible in order to substantiate your claims but don’t make it spammy.
  2. Try your best to get an image in your content. Images are always welcome by users and enhance content engagement and sharing.
  3. Use the SEO tools provided on the Post page – namely, enter the Title and Meta Description of your article. If you’re stuck for a Title and Description, a good practice is to use the title of your article as the SEO Title and your first paragraph as the Meta Description.
  4. Don’t overtly advertise yourself, product or services. Simply ensure that when users view your content, they’re getting value. The more value they get from your article the higher than change of engagement and sharing it across social media networks.
  5. Don’t user HTML code unless you’re a highly experienced HTML code. For instance, if you need to use tables to show tabular data, make sure you know what you’re doing else you’ll ruin the structure of your page once it’s published.

If you have any questions about these guidelines or have any other questions regarding our site, feel free to contact us and we’ll respond to you shortly.