Understanding the Basics of Projector Lamps To Enhance Your Viewing Experience

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While most projectors have similar maintenance plans, understanding the basics of your lamp and how to properly care for it is pertinent to it’s longevity.┬áHere is the best way to understand your projector’s lamp so that you can get the most out of it before you have to replace it.

When it comes to proper projector care, one of the best things is to know the different items you need to maintain within your projector and starting off with your lamp is a good idea.

The Life of Projector Bulbs

Projector Lamp BasicsWhen you buy a projector, it typically comes with a bulb that will have approximately a 3,000 hour lifespan. Now, this does not mean that your projector bulb is going to hit 3,000 hours and suddenly turn off, this is just an average of how many hours you can likely expect before you may want to consider replacing your bulb.

Also, that lifespan does not mean that your bulb will burn out when it hits its average. Instead, projector bulbs have a lifespan that is determined by when the bulb gets to half of its original brightness. Obviously, if your projector bulb is too weak, you will not be able to see what you want whenever your projector is in use.

What Bulbs Get Out of Eco-Mode

Some projectors have what is commonly referred to as eco-mode. This is a lower energy form of use that some of the best projectors offer. This puts less strain on the projector bulbs and sometimes doubles it’s lifespan. This also allows the lamp to give off only 1/4 to 1/3 of the standard brightness, saving the extra brightness for later use and extending the level of brightness your bulb is able to hold on to.

If eco-mode is strictly used during the life of your projector, you could end up with a projector bulb lasting 7,000 to 8,000 hours before it loses half of its brightness. This mode can help make projector bulb care a bit easier as well, because the projectors typically do not get as hot. This means the projector bulbs will not have as much dirt, dust, or debris caked on to the bulb after use, making it easier to keep clean.

Standard Replacement Costs for Projector Bulbs

When it does come time to replace the projector lamp, you may be wondering what type of price to expect. While at one time, the low end price of a replacement projector bulb was near $1,000.00, that cost has significantly decreased over the years.

The cost you should expect will depend on what type of projector you own, but you should expect no less than $100 and no more than $500 for a new bulb. That may seem like quite a range, but there are huge variances between the bulbs that are currently available.

If you are unsure, go back to where you bought your projector and ask them what type of projector lamp you need. Tell the sales person the type of projector you own and the ways you use your projector. They will be able to tell you the best type of bulb for your projector and how much it will cost.

Understanding what your projector bulb can offer is important. The more you follow the proper projector bulb care instructions, the longer your projector bulbs are likely to remain steady and bright.

Just make sure you take into account the ways you can extend the life of your projector bulb right from the beginning. As a leading Canadian replacement lamp company, I can safely say that the more preparation and gentle care you start off with, the better the results you will get from your projector and its lamp and the longer your lamp will last.

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